Jul 20 / David

How Many Seeds Must a Raspberry Contain?

Long story short, Number Two and I had a dispute about how many seeds were in a raspberry. He said it was less than 50, I opined it was greater than or equal to 50. So he picked a berry for us to count. I suggested a larger sample size and picked two more. $.50 hung in the balance.

The first berry had 40 seeds. The second two both had 51. Average: 47.

He won the bet, but we wondered if he had gotten lucky. We picked 7 more berries. Total seeds: 498 for an average of 49.8. His berry had the lowest at 40 (so did a second berry picked by a third party) while on the other end there was a berry with 65 seeds.

We haven’t (yet) followed up, but we think the number of seeds varies by bush. Perhaps it’s a genetic thing or perhaps it’s a sun/soil conditions thing. We envision a project to tag sampled berries by location but first I think we need to invent a seed-counting machine.